Retribution Links

  • A philosophy based on respect and a common belief that builds community, empowers individuals, and resolves conflict.
  • Restitution is not about payback or saying, “I’m sorry” but about healing.
  • Restitution is an invitation rather than a requirement to fix our mistakes.
  • Restitution is about looking at the need behind the problem. “What’s it getting you?” (Belonging, Power, Freedom, Fun)
  • Restitution teaches people to look inside rather than outside for answers.
  • Restitution is about self-restitution—being the person you want to be.
  • The goal of restitution is self-evaluation and learning a better way.
  • Restitution is more about “being” than about “doing”.

Youth Studies Australia Volume 22 Issue 4 (Dec 2003) Restitution and Restorative Justice in Juvenile Justice and School Discipline Fields, Barry A