Our Mission - We are working toward a positive uplifting and supportive learning community.


Each member has a particular area/focus to study:Nathan Moore - Work by Gordon NeufeldBrad Barr - Work by Ross Greene Other Ross Greene ResourcesLeah Odynski - Restorative Justice/RTIKorinne Weima - Staff by-in/ PBIS - Parent EducationTracy Orr - PBIS (U of Washington/Seattle)/ Restitution

Two particular ideas were presented:

1. that we use community service both for discipline and for building volunteer and selfless service in our school. We would build a battery of service needing to be done and then, in a disciplinary situation have an adult (training and careful development of the role and purpose of this adult in this situation is essential) go with the youth to perform the service. The time spent with the youth and talking with him/her is the focus (relationship building).
2. the idea of having staff consider the discipline they have experienced during their life and that they have used and analyze the effect of it. Consider the most memorable discipline (positive and negative). We might use this as a lead in to a discussion on discipline.
Structure for our meetings:
  • Next meeting June 5 at 4:30 p.m.
  • Each member to come prepared with a one page executive summary of their study and an attached bibliography for further study - possibly identifying one particular paper, article, chapter which is pivotal to understanding the material.
  • We will review these summaries and discuss them.
  • Then, in each meeting, we will set aside 15 to 30 minutes for our own thoughts and ideas regarding positive culture building. This is the intuitive/common sense part of our work (see above).