EMOTIONAL/BEHAVIOURAL DISABILITY (ECS: Code 30; Grades 1–12: Code 53) A student/ECS child identified with a mild to moderate emotional/behavioural disability exhibits chronic and pervasive behaviours that interfere with the learning and safety of the student/child, other students/children and staff.
Typically, behaviour disabilities are characterized by a number of observable maladaptive behaviours:
  1. a) an inability to establish or maintain satisfactory relationships with peers or adults
  2. b) a general mood of unhappiness or depression
  3. c) inappropriate behaviour or feelings under ordinary conditions
  4. d) continued difficulty in coping with the learning situation in spite of remedial intervention
  5. e) physical symptoms or fears associated with personal or school problems
  6. f) difficulties in accepting the realities of personal responsibility and accountability
  7. g) physical violence toward other persons and/or physical destructiveness toward the environment.