DEAFNESS (Code 45)
A student/child with a severe to profound hearing loss is one who:
  1. a) has a hearing loss of 71 decibels (dB) or more unaided in the better ear over the
    normal speech range (500 to 4000 Hz) that interferes with the use of oral language as the primary form of communication, or has a cochlear implant preceded by a 71 dB hearing loss unaided in the better ear; and
  2. b) requires extensive modifications and specialized educational supports; and
  3. c) has a diagnosis by a clinical or educational audiologist. New approvals require an
    audiogram within the past 3 years.
If a student/ECS child has a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss that has not changed significantly since the initial approval by Alberta Education, documentation from a qualified specialist in the field of deafness outlining the severity of the hearing loss and modifications to the learning environment may be sufficient to support eligibility.